Qui sommes nous ?

2CF Consulting is a Consulting, Training and Coaching Company dedicated to finance, capital markets, asset management and insurance.
2CF Consulting was founded in November 2005 by finance and information systems professionals with significant operational experience in market finance and asset management.
The firm supports its clients by innovating and training its employees as the market evolves..

Consulting and functional and technical coaching applied to financial market and asset management.
- Implementation of a risk identification system on your financing, capital market, asset management and insurance activities.
- Development of risk measurement and monitoring tools
- Analysis and reporting of risks to your General Management

- Synthesis and Understanding of Statutory Instruments
- Understanding of risk management models
- Validation of models and tools necessary for your decision-making
- Drafting of specifications, functional specifications, project coordination
- Setting up and integration of financial software packages (Kondor +, Summit, Numerix, Fincad, ...)
- Functional homologation, recipe, test
- Management of banking and financial information systems
- Implementation of decision-making prototypes for the Front Office, risk analysis and Asset Management
- Application support in the trading room (flow management, front, middle)
2CF Consulting provides training in market finance, asset management and insurance. Our training model consists of a presentation and application exercises that consolidate the knowledge and techniques learned.
Our specificity is to ensure the follow-up of your employees post-training by a dedicated support.
We offer to assist individuals in the management of their investment portfolios.
This support translates into advice and training on product understanding and different use strategies. We also offer risk analysis tools for decision-making. If you have a subject to submit, or you have a need for information, understand the mechanisms, different actors ...
Contact us: contact@2cf-consulting.com
You can, however, consult our training seminars.
Our coaching activity is to accompany any person, Computer Engineer, mathematician ..., coming from a different economic sector of finance, who wishes to orient himself towards finance, to accompany him during this process.
Engineer from a Grande Ecole (Engineer or Business) or a university degree, computer scientists:
You clearly want to direct your career towards financial markets by practicing as a consultant.
2CF Consulting offers you the following advantages:
- Set goals and target for you,
- Establishment of a training program supplemented by projects
- Personalized coaching: We rework your CVs to highlight your qualities and we accompany you throughout the process of researching new missions for you (preparing interviews ...)
The goal is to optimize your search for new missions.
We have demonstrated our know-how in this field with nearly twenty people who have evolved from the IT and mathematics to finance sectors and are now working in major financial institutions.